About Us

A happy Pitbull with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. He is laying down in the grass.

We started as a small, family business right here in Bayonne!  As animal lovers and pet parents, we saw a need for a pet care company that caters to those pet parents that prefer their pets be taken care of in their own home. Animals have been such a large part of all of our lives here at Bayonne Critter Care that it's easy to say we love what we do! 

a mix breed dog is standing in a park, looking upwards and wearing a blue harness

Many pets prefer to be walked or taken care of in a familiar environment and we get that.

 We also understand how important it is to be able to trust your pet sitter or dog walker which is why Bayonne Critter Care is a close knit family business with great references. Dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, we take care of them all! 

An orange cat is laying on a blue couch with his paw stretched towards the camera

All pets are different and everyone has their own methods of care. This is why we offer a free meet and greet where we get to discuss what services you would like. This also gives us a chance to match you with a sitter that meets you and your pets' needs!